Incheon Songdo is known for highly acclaimed and reputable schools, from elementary schools to universities.

Chadwick International School: Chadwick International is a coeducational school for Pre-school to 12th grade; a large population of expatriate’s children attend Chadwick; many Koreans also send their children to Chadwick with the focus of advancement in English language; it costs as much as a private American university to attend Chadwick; it has high security and can only enter via invites; I’ve attended a few Chadwick high school musical performances, invited by a Korean friend whose son attends Chadwick. I’m most impressed by the fluency of English spoken by the Korean students.


Yonsei University:  Claimed as a global enducational institution, Yonsei University requires all freshmen to reside in the on-campus residence halls located in Incheon Songdo; its students get to immerse in all that the smart campus has to offer. Yonsei University continues to be a highly acclaimed university with extremely tough acceptance record.


Incheon National University A high-tech campus, overlooking the Yellow Sea, is right next to the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club.


IGC (Incheon Global Campus) Comprised of The State University of New York (Stony Brook University and Fashion Institute Technology), George Mason University, Ghent University from Belgium, and The University of Utah. Universities at IGC are extended campuses of home universities, offering classes in the fields of education, economics, industry, culture and arts.





There are so many schools in Incheon Songdo; I bike around and take pleasure in the laughter and chatty interaction by the students, reminding me of my uniformed school days in S. Korea.



Libraries: There are numerous libraries throughout the city; you must take off your shoes as you enter the library. Songdo International Children’s Library (pictured left) has an entire floor dedicated to books written in English.