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Songdo Incheon is a smart city built on 1,500 acres of land fill along the neighboring city of Incheon Yellow Sea waterfront. After living in Songdo Incheon for more than a year, I found myself completely in love with the city. Songdo Incheon has now become my new home.

Songdo Incheon is connected by four beautiful bridges to city of Incheon. In addition, there is the majestic Incheondaegyuo Bridge. As the longest bridge in South Korea, it provides direct transportation from Songdo to Incheon International Airport (about 20-minute car ride). As a part of the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), Songdo Incheon incooporates up-to-date technology and environmental-friendly living for the residents and visitors.

I hope this website will introduce and entice you to come and visit Songdo Incheon. Hopefully you’ll keep Songdo Incheon in your heart forever.

The mascots of 2018 Winter PyeongChang Olympics and Paralympics, Soohorang (white tiger) and Bandabi (black bear), greet the residents and visitors of Songdo Incheon.