Incheon Songdo is a smart city built on 1,500 acres of land fill along the neighboring city of Incheon Yellow Sea waterfront. It is connected by five beautiful bridges to city of Incheon. In addition, there is the majestic Incheondaegyuo Bridge. As the longest bridge in South Korea, it provides direct transportation from Songdo to Incheon International Airport (about 30-60minute car ride; it now has two terminals). As a part of the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), Incheon Songdo incorporates up-to-date technology and environment-friendly living for the residents and visitors.

I hope this website will introduce and entice you to come and visit. Hopefully you’ll keep Incheon Songdo in your heart forever. 

2022 Covid19 Update: As of May 2nd, the requirement of wearing a mask in all outdoor areas has been lifted; however, you still need to wear a mask in all indoor areas and any outdoor gathering of 50 or more people (Ex: Outdoor sports arenas, outdoor shopping malls, etc). A rule of thumb: Any area that has a roof over your head, you must wear a mask (Ex: At any bus station that is semi-enclosed with a roof over your head, you must wear a mask). Still in place: If you don’t wear a mask or wear it improperly in required areas, you will be ticketed with a 100,000W fine(about $90). The hand sanitizers are readily available wherever you go in Songdo.

The spring flowers was in full bloom in Songdo Incheon. The summer will be welcomed with people once again gathering in small and large groups. So much festivities going on in all of Songdo to welcome the lessening of Covid cases. It’s just as beautiful as the first time I saw it 7 years ago.

Views of 2022 Incheon Songdo:






Views of 2020 Incheon Songdo:





Winter 2019: Incheon Songdo is well known for its biting coldness and extreme windy condition; but, don’t let that stop you from visiting; come and enjoy the entertainments and foods at Triple Street, Hyundai Outlets and hundreds of cafes and eateries all over the city.



Fall is here! Love strolling the Central Park in cool crisp weather. Looking forwards to autumn color changes and food carts that’ll pop up only during cold weather seasons, selling roasted chestnuts, piping hot buns filled wtih meat or kimchi.


Summer is past but the hugely popular Pentaport Rock Concert still lingers in my mind, especially since I got to see one of my son’s favorite band, Two Door Cinema Club. Looking forwards to year 2020 summer fests and concerts!