Local Marts and Shops

Mega stores such as Lotte Mart, HomePlus and Costco are closed on every second and fourth Sundays; South Korean government introduced this mandatory store closing in year 2012, so that the smaller retailers and local marts may continue to thrive. Lotte Mall/Toys R Us: Located at southwest end of the Central Park, you can find almost [...]

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Helpful Information

Tax Refund: Major department stores (ex: Lotte, Home-Plus, E-Mart etc.) and outlets have stores that honor tax-free claim so that you can get a refund of tax of products you've purchased. At the department stores: At the end of shopping for the day, collect all the receipts and take them to the service desk (total [...]

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Hyundai Premium Outlets Songdo

Hyundai Premium Outlets: 11/05/2019: With fall comes the sidewalk sales (on weekends only) and baked goods that's only sold when the weather is cooler. Come check out Hyundai Premium Outlets, there's something for all ages to enjoy.             Koreans welcome fall and winter season with the must-have walnut donut filled [...]

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Triple Street

Triple Street 2020: The year of 2020, a very difficult year for everyone with Covid19. Triple Street had many retail stores close down. However, Triple Street manages to regain young patrons to visit and be entertained as new restaurants, pubs and entertainment sites such as a bowling ally open up.              [...]

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NC Cube Canal Walk

NC Cube Canal Walk An outdoor mall centered around canals with whimsical statues and waterwork. Even with the gradiose opening of mega shopping mall, Triple Street, I prefer the intimacy within the Canal Walk. You will find numerous brand and specialty shops with good sales all week long. On special weekends, deck sales/mini-concerts/food trucks/carnival-rides provide [...]