RESTAURANTS NO tipping! So convenient! Please, don't tip; it's the etiquette, so that everyone gets equal treatment by the servers. Japanese/Korean:  Sapporo (previously called Madang) Seafood Restaurant: A Japanese/Korean fusion restaurant in Hanok Village of Central Park, it offers good combination of sushi/sashimi/Korean specialty entres; a bit pricey, it's my go-to restaurant of choice for special [...]

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Triple Street

Triple Street 2022: Two years of Covid have gone by and many changes occurred in Triple Street. Many clothing stores left, replaced by new restaurants and pubs. It's the go-to-place for students,  young couples and families on weekends. If you want more leisurely walk about and shopping experience, visit during the weekdays. If you want [...]

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NC Cube Canal Walk

NC Cube Canal Walk An outdoor mall centered around canals with whimsical statues and waterwork. Even with the gradiose opening of mega shopping mall, Triple Street, I prefer the intimacy within the Canal Walk. You will find numerous brand and specialty shops with good sales all week long. On special weekends, deck sales/mini-concerts/food trucks/carnival-rides provide [...]