NC Cube Canal Walk

An outdoor mall centered around canals with whimsical statues and waterwork. Even with the gradiose opening of mega shopping mall, Triple Street, I prefer the intimacy within the Canal Walk. You will find numerous brand and specialty shops with good sales all week long. On special weekends, deck sales/mini-concerts/food trucks/carnival-rides provide festivities for all ages. Hours: Open daily 10:30am to 10:00pm.




B.bloc Climbing Songdo: Much delight to teens, active adults and children, a wall climing center opened in the Spring block of NC Cube Canal Walk; it offers group events and individual memberships.  Phone032-723-6430



Cafes: Enjoy different style and atmosphere of numerous cafes. A cup of black coffee costs anywhere between $4-8 at fancier cafes, but there are also few reasonably priced cafes.



I found this reasonably priced cafe in the Winter block (a small cup of Americano is about $1.50); it also serves yummy Korean appetizers; the Donkatsu, crisply fried pork cutlet, is highly recommended.


Take a walk up and down the canals themed under four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Rest in between shopping at patios set along the canals: There are communal patios/sitting areas along the canals; the patios in front of specific cafe are for those who have purchased coffee from that cafe. If visitors ask, “Where is that place of numerous cafes and great tap-beer?” they are referring to the NC Canal Walk.










Winter: This block lost many shops recently but still have few good restaurants and clothing stores worthy of being checked out.