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KAL Limousine (Korean Airline Limousine: Bus #6707B): It's called the limousine but it is actually a Greyhound-like express bus; I found it to be the easiest and fastest transportation to and from the airport and Incheon Songdo; you don't have to fly on Korean Air to ride the KAL limousine; anyone can ride the limousine. The transportation [...]

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Helpful Information

Tax Refund: Major department stores (ex: Lotte, Home-Plus, E-Mart etc.) and outlets have stores that honor tax-free claim so that you can get a refund of tax of products you've purchased. At the department stores: At the end of shopping for the day, collect all the receipts and take them to the service desk (total [...]

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Incheon Travel Information Center

Incheon Travel Information Center: Take a moment and visit the travel information center, located at southwest end of the Central Park; not only are the staff friendly and helpful (fluent in English/Chinese/Japanese), you'll find incredible amount of travel brochures and maps of Songdo and the neighboring Incheon City.       Incheon City Tour: Purchase a [...]

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Hyundai Premium Outlets Songdo

Hyundai Premium Outlets: 2022: Two years of Covid haven't changed Songdo Hyundai Outlet much with its steady loyal customers visiting throughout the year. Yes, there are stores that have left but new stores have come in and thriving well. It's also attached to the most sought out Triple Street shopping mall. You can enjoy a [...]

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Parks of Songdo Incheon

The Central Park: I truly believe the Central Park is the heartbeat of Songdo. Whether it's jogging at dawn or a leisurely stroll at night, I can't go a day without spending a part of my day at the Central Park. It's an eco-friendly park running along a man-made seawater stream. Take a stroll on [...]

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