The Central Park: I truly believe the Central Park is the heartbeat of Songdo. Whether it’s jogging at dawn or a leisurely stroll at night, I can’t go a day without spending a part of my day at the Central Park. It’s an eco-friendly park running along a man-made seawater stream. Take a stroll on the path running all along the stream or take a water-taxi to take a tour from the West Boathouse. At the East Boathouse, you can rent a bike/canoe/paddle-boat to explore the Central Park stream intimately (Check out more detailed info in the Central Park post).





On warm nights, these aspiring singer/musicians can be found under the bridge, entertaining the night strollers.


Haedoji (Sunrise) Park: Large open areas and gardens, along with a dancing water-fountain playground (operational only during summer) to cool off summer heat; it has pretty, winding, paved bike path all along the perimeter of park.




Ahoy there! Whales! In middle of the park? A cool photo spot!


So far, the highest slide I’ve seen in a park; a mom’s remark: “It was scary getting up to the top, but the ride was much slower than expected; so it wasn’t as scary.” Her toddler squealed in delight, “Let’s do it again and again!”


Songdo Nuri Park: Located across from the Home Plus Mall/Triple Street, it’s a smaller park with its own charming seating areas and walk path.



At northwest end of the park, walk over and across the bridge that connects Nuri Park to Michuhol Park.



Michuhol Park: After the Central Park, Michuhol Park is my next favorite park; with traditional Korean tile houses to pagodas to stone statues, I get to soak in memories of my Korean heritage.




Many parks have this olden-day phone booth, so I thought; but, it’s actually a mini-library! No checking out the books; just read and enjoy the quiet time.


All parks in South Korea have these exercise areas; it’s fun to people-watch, as young and old try out these machines.


What a back-to-the-past moment! It’s a traditional wooden swing. Instead of sitting, you stand on it to swing. It reminds me of the New Year celebration when I’d visit my grandma’s countryside home in the mountains; I’d wear my Korean traditional dress and stand on the swing as my dad would push me higher and higher!


12 statues of Zodiac stand astood on the east and west sides of mid park area, as if guarding over the sanded playground area in the center.


Moonlight Park: Songdo Incheon is connected to the city of Incheon via four bridges over the stream of seawater; all along the stream is the Moonlight Park with the longest bike path, numerous sports fields/playgrounds and resting benches.





SolChun Park: Known as a part of Incheon University, it faces the Yellow Sea. On wide and open wooden-planked area, you’ll enjoy biking, walking or just relaxing on swinging benches. Against warning, little children are found feeding shrimp chips to  the seagulls.