Rock Climbing: With the Korean movie, titled "Exit" (2019), the rock-climbing gained huge interest. Good for one-day fun or as a weight loss program, it's surely a newfound activity the entire family can enjoy. B.bloc (rock climbing gym ) is located at the Spring block of NC Cube Canal Walk mall.  http://b-bloc.co.kr/   Triple Street: Try out [...]

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Annual Events

2019 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival: This hugely popular and anticipated annual concert was well organized with ample variety of food trucks and beer vendors.       Got to enjoy one of my son's favorite band, Two Door Cinema Club.         2019 BEER FESTIVAL (Songdo Incheon Global Culture Festival)         Visitors [...]

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Incheon Travel Information Center

Incheon Travel Information Center: Take a moment and visit the travel information center, located at southwest end of the Central Park; not only are the staff friendly and helpful (fluent in English/Chinese/Japanese), you'll find incredible amount of travel brochures and maps of Songdo and the neighboring Incheon City.       Incheon City Tour: Purchase a [...]

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Parks of Songdo Incheon

The Central Park: I truly believe the Central Park is the heartbeat of Songdo. Whether it's jogging at dawn or a leisurely stroll at night, I can't go a day without spending a part of my day at the Central Park. It's an eco-friendly park running along a man-made seawater stream. Take a stroll on [...]

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Triple Street

Fall 2019: Fall festivities are in full swing; handmade crafts delight visitors as they stroll in and out of Triple Street lower and upper decks (Vendors are present only on weekends and holidays).     Check out the game room, filled with nostalgic games of your childhood days (located nearby MegaBox Theater). New restaurants and [...]

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NC Cube Canal Walk

NC Cube Canal Walk An outdoor mall centered around canals with whimsical statues and waterwork. Even with the gradiose opening of mega shopping mall, Triple Street, I prefer the intimacy within the Canal Walk. You will find numerous brand and specialty shops with good sales all week long. On special weekends, deck sales/mini-concerts/food trucks/carnival-rides provide [...]