Ready to EXPLORE Songdo Incheon?

Whether you plan for a day-trip or have a flight/cruise layover, let’s pack in as much fun as you can. AND forever keep Songdo in your heart!

G-Tower: Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) building.


The observation deck on 33rd floor (indoor) will impress you with 360 degree view of entire Songdo Incheon; take a self-guided tour, get a Songdo souvenir, be impressed with the history/vision of Songdo. I was awed by the view of magnificent South Korea’s longest spanning bridge (13.28 miles) to the Incheon International Airport. Walk over to the east side of deck and you’ll be treated to an overview of the Central Park and surrounding majestic high-rise buildings. On weekdays, I frequently dine at the employee cafeteria on the 29th floor, the same floor as the oudoor deck. For about $5.00, I can choose from two choices (in family style) of nutritionally balanced array of Korean foods or Western style foods.

33rd Floor I-Vision (Indoor Deck): Open Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM; Sat/Sun/Holidays/10AM-6PM

29th Floor Cafeteria: Open Mon-Fri 11:30AM-1:15PM (Closed on weekends and holidays); the offered lunch matches the menu announced for the day between 11:30AM to 12:30PM; after 12:30PM, the menu may change as offered menu items get depleted; it also offers dinner, but I’d recommend only the lunch.

29th Floor Garden Deck: Open Mon-Fri 11:30AM-2PM (Closed on weekends and holidays); open only during the lunch hour, the outdoor garden deck reopened in May, 2018; you can walk around the deck for fresh air and view the east, north and south sides of Incheon Songdo.

A view of Garden deck on 29th floor.


A view of the Central Park from 33rd floor.


29th Floor cafeteria; lunch with a view.


An art gallery with rest area.


A night view of G-Tower.


2) The Central Park: Exit out of southeast entry doors of G-Tower and you’ll walk onto the Central Park, one of seven lovely parks in Songdo; the park walkway runs along a man-made stream with beautifully landscaped garden abound; I take a walk in this park twice a day, being amused each time, taking pictures at different angles and at different hour of the day; I finally got to experience the beauty of “snowing” of cherry blossom petals. At the east boathouse, numerous family/kid-friendly water/land excursions are available: Kayaking/Paddle-boating/Cruising/Family-biking; I can’t help but smile as I watch the families/friends/lovers of all age take in all that the Central Park has to offer.

The East Boathouse and a view from the 2nd floor look-out deck.



Family activities



Deer Park


Art and gardens of the Central Park



3) NC Cube Canal Walk: An outdoor mall centered around canals with whimsical statues and waterwork. A European style outdoor mall with international retail stores offering everything from shoes, clothes to make-up. I was most impressed with the variety of restaurants/cafes AND fun canals at the center. It is four blocks long, each named with a season of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter (when addressing a desitination, one refers to the season for location); each block (season) has its own canal with artsy, whimsical statues/figurines. Most of the restaurants are located on the upper floor as the cafes rule the ground level. On weekends, mini concerts/fairs and side-walk sales entertain many young families and couples on a date. My daily morning walk now ends at the NC Cube Canal Walk with an order of cafe-latte. I love people-watching; it’s a perfect spot to sit in one of many parasoled sitting areas as I watch all sort of visitors and sip my latte.



4) Songdo Hanok Village: The village, located at mid west section of the Central Park, has a beautiful hotel with a lodging that replicated the Goryo Dynasty bedding and furnishing; the facilities within accommodate business conferences, weddings and VIP meetings; it’s expensive, but you will feel like a king/queen of ancient South Korea; the adjacent buidlings have restaurants that boast good foods and spirits; it is a bit pricy but worth it if you are celebrating a special occasion. After a hearty meal, walk over to the coffee shop, order a cup of joe/juice and relax as you take in the view of Central Park.




5) Triple Street: Much anticipated mega mall, Triple Street, opened on 4/29/2017. It also has Songdo’s very first theater, Megabox, and a large outdoor performance stage. My favorite is the rooftop which has huge playgrounds and photo-op gardens.





6) Incheon Bridge Observatory (Ocean Scope): The Ocean Scope faces the Yellow Sea and you get a view of the majestic Incheondaegyuo Bridge, one of five top oversea bridge in the world and the longest bridge in South Korea. Stay a little longer on a sunny day to catch an awesome view of sunset. The Incheondaegyuo Bridge connects Songdo with Yeongjongdo Island where Incheon International Airport is located (Korean Air Limousine bus takes only 30 minutes to take you from the Holiday Inn in Songdo to the Incheon Airport).



Lastly, stay til sun goes down and enjoy the skyscrapers’ bright/playful lights and take a leisurely stroll along the Central Park stream.