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Bakeries and Cafes

BAKERIES There are numerous famed franchise bakeries such as Tous les Jours, A Twosome Place, Paris Baguette and An's Bakery. As you walk around Songdo, try few local bakeries that offer excellent breads and pastries. Following are my recommendations: Cing Valeur: A German and French bakery offering sweet pastries/cookies and savory buns/breads; it's famed for [...]

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Incheon Songdo is known for highly acclaimed and reputable schools, from elementary schools to universities. Chadwick International School: Chadwick International is a coeducational school for Pre-school to 12th grade; a large population of expatriate's children attend Chadwick; many Koreans also send their children to Chadwick with the focus of advancement in English language; it [...]

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Local Marts and Shops

Mega stores such as Lotte Mart, HomePlus and Costco are closed on every second and fourth Sundays; South Korean government introduced this mandatory store closing in year 2012, so that the smaller retailers and local marts may continue to thrive. Lotte Mall/Toys R Us: Located at southwest end of the Central Park, you can find almost [...]

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There are six luxury hotels in Songdo Incheon. They provide beautiful rooms, great service and foods. These hotels are all located at the perimeter of the Central Park.   Oakwood Premier Incheon: 165,  Convensia-Daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon   Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel: 153, Convensia-Daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon   Orakai Songdo Park Hotel: Orakai Hotel is [...]

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Hospital and Pharmacies

I was running low on my diabetic meds and I got referred to the Plus Hospital. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I didn't have medical insurance at the time, but I was relieved to be charged only quarter of what I would have paid in US. Plus Hospital: Established since 2009, it has entrusted [...]

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Tennis: There are outdoor clay courts and hard courts (hard courts have night lights), located at the Moonlight Park; need to be a member of a club to play on the courts (no walk-ons); there are no indoor tennis courts at Songdo Incheon presently.     There are outdoor hard or grass courts within the [...]

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Annual Events

2019 Korea World Police Expo: Drone-lovers will definitely appreciate this interesting expo; new CSI and police gadgets were introduced.         I even got to purchase a police-endorced protection whistle; it has a loud whistle with strong, bright beams. It's not only for protection but also for alert system, just in case I [...]

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RESTAURANTS NO tipping! So convenient! Please, don't tip; it's the etiquette, so that everyone gets equal treatment by the servers. Japanese/Korean:  Sapporo (previously called Madang) Seafood Restaurant: A Japanese/Korean fusion restaurant in Hanok Village of Central Park, it offers good combination of sushi/sashimi/Korean specialty entres; a bit pricey, it's my go-to restaurant of choice for special [...]

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KAL Limousine (Korean Airline Limousine: Bus #6707B): It's called the limousine but it is actually a Greyhound-like express bus; I found it to be the easiest and fastest transportation to and from the airport and Incheon Songdo; you don't have to fly on Korean Air to ride the KAL limousine; anyone can ride the limousine. The transportation [...]

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